AltPitch Digital Arts Festival

Strata is a research and development project exploring the circular process of taking clay from the soil only to return it to the earth as handmade objects, becoming artefacts of human history. Funded by the AltPitch Digital Arts Festival 2022 commissions. 

Strata encompasses ideas of soil profiles, contour lines on maps, archaeology and the clay used to make pottery. Finding and processing locally sourced wild clay and working with textured and heavily grogged clay further strengthens this connection.

Following a material based approach to ceramics brings an appreciation for the earth and environments that naturally make clay, interacting with themes of sustainability and opening conversations about the climate crisis. The continued research and development of this work ensures the environment remains at the forefront of this art form.

The Diddakoi zine
April 2022

The Diddakoi zine explores themes that emerge in Rumer Godden's ‘The Diddakoi’ and identities of Romany heritage. The zine also includes an overview of projects featuring in ATownExploresABook2022.

The Diddakoi zine was commissioned by AltPitch festival and includes QR codes that link to online resources, a podcast and  short film - bringing together analog and digital platforms.

During the festival the zine was distributed amongst participating shops in St Leonards-On-Sea, acting as a free and accessible entry point to the festival.

Cranks, Cogs and Cams
April 2021

Cranks, Cogs and Cams: an exploration of Edward Lear’s The Story of the Four Little Children Who Went Round the World for ATownExploresABook2021 in collaboration with composer Frank Moon.

The film is comprised of automata made in two Cabaret Mechanical Theatre workshop projects led by London based mechanical artist Stephen Guy and Wonderful Idea Co. creative design studio’s Ryan Jenkins in California.

Each automata in the film responds to a quote from Edward Lear’s The Four Little Children Who Went Round the World.

In 2022 Cranks, Cogs and Cams one of three projects awarded an AltPitch Commission and was selescted for the Hastings Rocks Film Festival

Nonsense Street
April 2021

Nonsense Street is a Dadaist inspired project for ATownExploresABook2021 led by Peter Quinnell and funded Arts Council England

Poetry kits were posted through letterboxes of Carisbrooke Road, Stockleigh Road and Silchester Road residents. We then asked them to send in the poems they created and combine them with collages made with The GAP Project youth. 

Finished poem posters were then displayed throughout the streets of St Leonards-On-Sea during the festival. 

Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
January 2021

The LookingAtThings virtual exhibition was a collaboration between Hastings Museum & Art Gallery and ExploreTheArch, built from Hastings and Bexhill Mencap’s Active Arts’ students investigating the extraordinary act of looking at things.

Originally meant to be held within the museum, the exhibition had to be made digital after national lockdowns during the pandemic. The exhibition included online participation, using #LookingAtThings to collect a gallery of stories from members of the public.

The LookingAtThings exhibition won the AltPitch festival FringeAward 2021. 

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